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Do I need professional pictures?

Yes absolutely! Professional pictures clicked by an experienced and qualified photographer is an absolute must. How you look in person and how you look from behind the camera is completely different. The portfolio you shoot will be the only tool that will help you get the work you want.

Do I need training to become a model?

Well, you do not technically need any training to be a model, you can learn on the job. However it is important that you learn a few things about the industry and what is expected of you when you go for a casting call or any other shoot. You must know how to carry yourself with confidence and poise.

Do I need a portfolio?

Yes, you do need a portfolio. It is the first thing you have to work towards setting up once you have made up your mind about entering the world of glamour and style. But no ordinary photographer will do, you have to pick one that can connect with you and bring out the best in you through your photographs.

Why do we require a portfolio?

A portfolio is the most important tool you will have before you start your career as your model. Once you are picked to star in ad campaigns and ramp shows on the basis on your portfolio, and you have proved yourself, then your work will speak for itself. But in order to get picked for that first big break, you need a portfolio that can showcase your potential.

Your modelling agency will try and push you, however, if your portfolio is not good enough, you will not be chosen. Before entering the industry, you have to work hard on your portfolio and ensure that the pictures that are a part of it, speak for themselves without any push needed from anyone.

You need to trust only a professional photographer who has experience in the modeling  industry to help you with creating a portfolio that makes you look like a million bucks. You will not be in a position to reach out to various fashion and production houses when you are looking to make a career in modelling, but your portfolio can. So ensure that you spend some time, energy and money on working towards creating a professional portfolio and you will not be disappointed.

Do kids also need portfolio?

Yes, anyone who wants to carve a niche for themselves in the world of advertising or modelling needs to have a portfolio.

What is the cost of portfolio?

The cost of creating a portfolio usually varies from one individual to another. At RJ's Models we have a number of packages that you can pick from depending on your budget and requirement. To know more, you can fill the 'enquiry form' and get in touch with us, or you can call us so that we can guide you with regards to your aspirations in the modeling industry and help you with developing the best package for your portfolio.

How does RJ's Models help in getting work for freshers?

Freshers can be rest assured that their portfolio will be sent out to a variety of clients, advertising agencies, corporate houses, production houses, fashion choreographers in order to give them maximum exposure, so as to be picked by the most reputed brands in the industry.

Can you provide models anywhere?

Yes, we can help you with models anywhere in the country, however, the big cities are not an issue, but smaller towns may require some time.

What is your specialisation?

We specialise is a number of services. From model management to fashion show management to photography services, we have the full package.

What is the age range of your models?

We can provide you with models of all ages. From young male and female models to kids and even character models to play older roles can be found.

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